About Me

Hello! My name is Erin Yealy and I am a graphic and interactive designer located in the greater Philadelphia area. I graduated in May 2011 from Temple University, Tyler School of Art with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts in Graphic and Interactive Design. I am fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as CSS, HTML, and I have some experience with jQuery and Flash. I love to play with color and typography in designs, and I enjoy being able to create things with my hands.

When I'm not being a graphic designer, I keep busy trying to be a normal human being. I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, dancing, cooking, and exploring Philadelphia. I would love to explore the rest of the world, so if you are located outside of the Philadelphia area and are looking for a designer, please feel free contact me!

Favorite Things

Dark Chocolate

Singing in the car

- - - - - - - Favorite People

Monica Zuber

Alex Korecka

Nate Kaszuba

Zakaria Elkhouen

- - - - - - - Favorite Sites

Web Design Ledger

Tyler GAID